This week was spent working on the team documentation and video editing.  Since our team worked through spring break, we were able to get a lot accomplished including the video shoot and photographs.

EdTech Solutions met and each member gave an update as to where they were in their work.  Video editing, final documentation edits, the Instructional Strategy report, the Treatment Report, and prototype were discussed.  We reviewed the deadlines and made short-term goals.  (March 16, 2011)-Documentation edits-100% Complete


Remembering:  This week I…
-Uploaded all the videos and began the editing process
-Uploaded the images I took from my camera
-Communicated with the photographer and picked up the photos
-Reviewed the scripts
-Communicated with and secured a voice-over person
-Stayed in constant communication with team members about various tasks

-Sent a thank you email to photographer

-Wrote the team’s 15/5 and submitted to Dr. Grant

-Met with team members as describe in this week’s accomplishments

-Scheduled next team meeting to determine next steps


The most important task that was I worked on this week was the video editing.  Due to the length of time it takes to edit video, I did not complete the task in one week.  I expect it will take a few weeks since there are three videos to edit and we are getting someone to do the voiceover.  Between the editing and voiceover, it is going to be a long process.


I have had the experience of editing video for a project I worked on with another doctoral student.  The video editing I am completing for this project is very similar with the exception of the video.  The first video was made with images and text.  This video will have footage and text.  Also, we used three different cameras so there is a lot of footage to review and incorporate within each video.


The strategies, skills and procedures I used were effective.  There are things I could have done that would have saved some time but being new to this type of work, I am learning as I go.  If I had to do it all over again, I would have learned a different type of video editing program that would better suite our needs.  The one I am working on is fine but I think there are better ones out there for our project.


So far the video editing is going well.  It is a long process and I hope the clients will like it.  I have learned that whatever I have in front of me in terms of projects, I can do it.  It may take a while but then again you can’t eat an elephant in one bite. 


The next goal is to complete the videos and assist my team in the other responsibilities we are charged for this semester.  We will continue to communicate and work together to get this project completed.  My only suggestion for my peers is to work hard and always communicate with your team. 


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