About me...

Greetings from Memphis, Tennessee.  Home of Elvis, the Blues and The University of Memphis.  For those of you who are interested, my name is Jennifer Nelson and I am a doctoral student in Instructional Design and Technology.  It took me a few years to figure out what I wanted to study but once I discovered IDT, I was hooked!

My whole life has evolved around the school environment.  I started out teaching high school and eventually moved into the higher education sector teaching undergraduate and graduate education courses.  Currently, I am working in the Office of School Based Clinical Practice where I serve as the coordinator school partnerships and field experience.  I am responsible for collaborating with faculty, students and local school districts to build partnerships between schools and the College of Education as well as oversee field experience, practicums, and Residency I. As part of my job, I establish professional development activities for university supervisors, cooperating teachers and students and design data collection procedures for the assessment of teacher candidates.

Since my passion is working with pre-service teachers, my central focus is higher education and electronic mentoring.  My goal is to continue expanding and exploring research in the area of instructional design and technology applications as they apply to preparing teachers and inducting them into the profession.

Technology Integration

I have had the opportunity to implement technology in my coursework, classroom and career.  Although I am new to the field, I am trying to implement my new skills in all types of projects.  Last semester I took an IDT course titled, Instructional Technology and the Learner.  The first example is a visual timeline of IDT in PowerPoint.  The second example is my first attempt to create a digital video. 

References for the IDT Visual Definition digital video can be found in the Resource page.