Met face-to-face with team members for 2 hours to discuss the Analysis Report and Project Plan.  Reviewed the documents and added comments.  Additional items discussed were salient issues, data analysis, and the risk management plan (February 10, 2011)-Analysis Report -80% Complete, Project Plan-70% Complete

Met face-to-face with team members to finalize the Analysis Report and submit for approval (February 14, 2011)-100% Complete

Edited and discussed Project Charter (February 14, 2010)-80% Complete

Arranged and conducted conference call to the UTHSC IT contact person (February 14, 2011)

Wrote the budget section and edited the Project Charter (February 16, 2011)-90% complete

Completed this week’s EdTech Solutions 15/5 (February 17, 2011)-100% Complete


Remembering:  This week I…

-Met with team members to discuss the Analysis Report and Project Plan.

-Edited and suggested changes for the Analysis Report and Project Plan.

-Arranged conference call with the IT contact person.

-Wrote the budge section of the Project Charter.

-Worked as a team to complete Project Charter.

-Stayed in constant communication with team members about various tasks.

-Wrote the team’s 15/5 and submitted to Dr. Grant.

-Reviewed and edited Project Plan.

-Scheduled meeting with team to finalize determine the next steps.


The most important task that was accomplished this week was finalizing the Analysis Report and Project Plan.  I was able to meet my goal with the help of my teammates and what was accomplished was needed to cover this particular part of the project assignment. 


What I learned from my week’s accomplishments is the importance of making sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.  The Project Plan has a lot of components and it is vital that all sections are done correctly to ensure proper communication about what will be done, how it will be done, and the details of each step.


The strategies, skills and procedures I used were effective for completing the Analysis Report and Project Plan.  We kept to our deadlines and getting the tasks done before our given deadline helped us stay ahead and provided the opportunity to help each other out when needed. 


Staying in constant communication and meeting with my teammates twice a week has helped us be effective as a team and complete our assignments.  I believe I am progressing in the learning process by being an active participant and staying on task.  All components of this project has been a learning process for me and I am making my own meaning by being involved in each task.


My next goal is to submit the Project Plan to the client and make any necessary changes.  In addition, I will meet with my teammates to determine the next steps and begin the design and development of our web-based unit.  The only suggestion I have to improve our learning environment is to make this a two semester course!  There is so much to do and very little time.  Overall, I am learning what it is like to work in a team vs. doing it all on my own.  This is a great experience for me and I am enjoying the learning process.

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