Meet online in Google Docs with teammates to work on the Analysis Report.  Sections were written and edited (February 3, 2011)-80% Complete

Meet face-to-face with team members to discuss the Analysis Report and determine the next steps (February 4, 2011)-80% Complete

Held a team meeting to finalize the Needs Assessment survey (February 4, 2011)-100% Complete

Submitted the survey to the client and client suggested one additional question.  After the suggestion was implemented, the survey was sent to the SME for distribution (February 4, 2011)-100% Complete

Submitted the Project Plan to the client and after a small revision, it was approved (February 7 & 8, 2011)-100% Complete

Completed this week’s EdTech Solutions 15/5 (February 9, 2011)-100% Complete

Communicated with client about Needs Assessment Survey and asked teammates to assist with revisions as suggested (February 9, 2011)-100% Complete


Remembering:  This week I…

-Met with team members to finalize the survey.

-Sent the survey to client.

-Worked as a team to discuss the Analysis Report and determine next steps

-Communicated with Dr. Brescia about the suggestions for the survey and the results.

-Met with team online to work on the Analysis Report.

-Stayed in constant communication with team members about various tasks

-Wrote the team’s 15/5

-Reviewed and edited Project Plan

-Scheduled meeting with team to finalize the Project Plan

-Scheduled date and time for conference call to the UTHSC IT person


The most important task that was accomplished this week was finalizing the survey, sending it to the client, and getting back the responses.  I was able to meet my goal with the help of my teammates and what was accomplished was needed to cover this particular part of the project assignment. 


What I learned from my week’s accomplishments is the importance of communicating with the different members of your team including the client.  We told the client our deadline for getting the survey to him and the need to analyze the data so we can start on the instructional design.  The data analysis will help determine the instruction.


The important for communicating and getting items delivered before or on schedule is critical.  As it stands right now, we are getting things done in a timely manner that will allow us additional time if any risks are presented.  Being on time and on ask was efficient and will help me with my deadlines as well as my teammates.


This week went well.  I was able to assist getting the survey completed and sent to the client.  The Project Plan was sent, revised, and accepted by the client.  I am progressing as a learner by being an active participant in the project and learning from my teammates. 


My next plan is to contribute to the Project Plan and make plans to begin the instructional design.  After the team talks to the IT department at UTHSC, we will begin devising a plan to move forward with the possibility of filming and editing video for our project.  Talking to the IT department will help meet my challenges we are facing for the project.

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