Emailed and called Dr. Brescia to set up team meeting (January 20, 2011-email, January 24, 2011)-100% Complete

Meet with teammates to discuss roles and responsibilities and determine next steps (January 22, 2011)-100% Complete

Began drafting questions for Dr. Brescia and other key players (January 22, 2011)-75% Complete

Communicated with Dr. Grant and teammates about the client meeting set for February 2, 2011 (January 24, 2011)-100% Complete

Drafted Project Charter and sent out to teammates for review (January 24, 2011)-100% Complete

Completed Project Charter final revisions and posted on EdTech Solutions site (January 26, 2011)-100% Complete

Reviewed team 15/5 (January 25, 2011)-100% Complete


Remembering:  This week I…
  • Meet with teammates to decide and discuss our roles and responsibilities, determine team rules/understanding, and agree on next steps
  • Made contact with Dr. Brescia and arranged for a team meeting
  • Started making a list of possible questions for Dr. Brescia and key players
  • Wrote the Project Charter and made final revision
  • Reviewed the team’s 15/5
  • Stayed in constant communication via email with teammates
  • Connected to the team’s Google account to review and revise working documents

Getting the Project Charter completed without meeting our client was a bit challenging but it was accomplished with the understanding that I will have to go back and revise it after our meeting.  In order to get the project started, the importance of getting our charter approved by Dr. Grant and Dr. Brescia is vital.  Everyone involved must be on the same page in terms of the scope and sequence.  All goals set for the week were met and accomplished ahead of our scheduled time. 


What I learned writing the Project Charter will help when I could be working in a corporate environment.  Having a deep understanding of the project, roles and responsibilities, assumptions, constraints, risks and obstacles will help guide the project to a successful completion.  The Project Charter has helped me put into perspective our end goal.


Communication is vital in all parts of this project.  Being the project manager, it is necessary to stay on top of both written and oral communication.  The team is committed to successfully completing this project to the best of our abilities. In order to do that, we have to stay in constant communication.  So far, so good!  I am sure once we meet with Dr. Brescia it will be a bit hectic to get everything up to date and on schedule but with good communication skills, we can do it.


Overall, I think I did well.  I got the Project Charter completed ahead of schedule and my teammates were able to review it and post it to our site before our set deadline.  The communication has been effective and I am very happy about our progress so far. 


As soon as we meet with our client, we will need to move forward with the Project Plan and start thinking about the design and delivery of instruction.  In the meantime, we will work on our team 15/5 and community blog.

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