You might be asking yourself the same thing I wondered the first day of class...What is a 15/5?  It is updates and reflections on the progress of our team's project.  It should take 15 minutes to write and 5 minutes to read.  I think I have exceed the 15 minute limit but hey...what's new?

Last week we met with our client and received an overview of our project.  We started building our site and additional information can be found at here.  I assisted naming our team, meeting with one of our team mates, writing the mission statement, and contacting the subject matter expert (SME).  Overall, it took me about 2 hours to complete these tasks. I was able to complete my tasks with the exception of scheduling a date to meet with our SME. My goal is to make contact by Friday and schedule a date.  Additionally, our team will meet Friday afternoon and determine the roles and responsibilities.

Reflection (Peter Pappas’ taxonomy for the reflective student)

Remembering-This week's assignment was to create our team website, individual site, select teammates, and select team project.  All assignments will be turned in on time.

Understanding-Overall, I was able to understand the assignments.  It was a bit overwhelming at first but after reading the course requirements and schedule at least ten times, I think I got it down.  The assignments focused on the beginning of our individual and teamwork.  In order to successfully complete the tasks, the assignments fit in with our class goals.

Application-The overall project and process were related to the project we completed in 8090 in the fact that we used the Dick and Carey model and completed an instructional unit from beginning to end.  The experience completing a project of this nature will assist me in my future profession as an instructional designer or developer.

Analysis-Our team is in the process of developing strategies, identifying skills, and creating procedures for our project.  Additional information will be forthcoming. 

Evaluation-We are going to be learning how to develop a functional interactive learning system.  It is vital that we learning and apply elements such as project management, instructional design, programming, graphic design, technical writing and evaluation.  What I have learned thus far is the need to communicate effectively and often.  This is a team effort and we must rely on each other for the knowledge and skills we bring to the project.

Creation-My next steps are to meet with my team members and identify our skill set.  We will begin to divide up the roles and responsibilities.  Since one of our team members was out of the country, we have a delay in getting started.  We completed our Web site and individual sites.  The goal is to meet and divvy up the roles and get started. 

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