This week’s 15/5 will probably be the shortest entry out of the entire semester due to the face that our time was spent completing the videos and the web-based unit.  Our team did not have to work on any documentation so our efforts were focused on the unit completion.


Remembering:  This week I…

-Worked with the narrator
-Completed the videos and submitted to the ID
-Met with teammates
-Reviewed unit
-Went over glitches in unit
-Communicated with clients
-Stayed in constant communication with team members about various tasks
-Wrote the team’s 15/5 and submitted to Dr. Grant


The most important thing I did this week was finalize the three videos!  I finally met my goal by seeing the video process through from start to finish and boy am I glad to be finished with it.    


Completing the videos connects to our web-based unit.  We promised our clients to produce three different videos as part of our unit.  Not only could I use the knowledge and skills I gained from producing the videos but the entire process as a whole.  I have learned a lot from the video editing and being the project manager.


Ultimately, the videos were a key piece of the unit.  Our clients expected the videos and we delivered.  If I were to do the videos over again, I would get the script approved ahead of time.  Small things here and there kept setting us back on the video completion date.  I would also use a different type of editing software. 


The videos turned out well.  My teammates seemed to like them and we are waiting to hear from our clients.  The video narration went pretty smooth and we were very lucky to have someone to help us with the narration.  Importing the audio and making the last edits went smooth.  Overall, I was pleased with the way it turned out.


The next steps are to met with the learners and complete our one-on-one, SME, and small group evaluations as well as the field trial.  We have one week from the project showcase and my fingers are crossed that the clients do not come back with some major revisions.

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