This week was spent editing the video and securing the narrator.  In addition, the team completed the Treatment Plan and Instructional Strategy.  The prototype was reviewed and suggestions were made. 


Remembering:  This week I…

-Continued to edit video
-Showed the video rough draft to team members for review
-Submitted script to SME for review
-Met with teammates
-Edited Evaluation Plan
-Reviewed prototype
-Reviewed instructional content
-Stayed in constant communication with team members about various tasks
-Wrote the team’s 15/5 and submitted to Dr. Grant


I am close to meeting my video editing goal with the exception of waiting for the approved script.  As soon as the SME gives the ok I will send it to the narrator and finish putting the final touches on the video.  Besides that, my teammates and I working very hard on all the other pieces of the instructional unit and have been successful meeting our deadlines.


I could use my video editing skills for a number of different instructional opportunities as well as work.  The key is to identify a need for video before utilizing video for technology sake.


The strategies, skills and procedures I used are working effectively to complete the task at hand.  The video has to be done by next week and I have maintained a steady pace at getting the job completed.  If I can get the narration approved, it would help me complete the task.


My teammates were pleased with the video so far.  I asked about a few questionable parts and they thought it was instructionally sound.  There is always room for improvement.  One area that I could work on is to reduce the amount of time it is taking me to finish the task.  I believe that will come with the more hands-on experience in video editing.


Once the narration is completed, I will embed the audio in the video, make a few tweaks, and submit it to the ID.  The ID will embed it in the unit and it will be submitted to the client.  My biggest suggestion I have for my peers is to be very detailed in the video storyboard.  If I had to do it all over, I would have been better with the details.  The details were not so much as issue until the actual shooting and editing stage.

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